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2018 Winners

Best Feild Operator

Karlie Armstrong

Loyalist Feed

Best News Elements

Excellence Award

Sponsor: Dome Productions

Apps Episode 1

Best Short Documentary

Janica Torres

Daniel Wood

1st Year Awards

Best Studio Operator

Adam Mccaffrey

Best Graphics Artist

Emily Rotterman

2nd Year Awards

3rd Year Awards

Best Graphics

Kevin San­som Memo­r­ial - Best Editor

Shawn Gorsline

Karlie Armstrong

Best Chef School Episode

The October Race

Best Director

Jairus Leeson

Best Commercial

identity disorder

Best Overall Student

Sara Phillips

Best Client Based Production


Best Producer

Sarah Michael

Best Director

Jordan Popovich

Best D.O.P.

Rob Gonyea

Best Editor

Daniel Wood

Best Transmedia


Best Overall Crew Member

Felecia Chevrier

Best Specialization Project


Best Remote Production

Pickering Panthers vs. Wellington Dukes

Best Overall Student

Sarah Michael

Rob Gonyea

Most Improved Student

Liam Thompson

Best Performance in a Major

Program Awards

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