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"I continue to love what I do"

“As a recent graduate of the Film & Television Production program, I’ve been able to use everything the program taught me to begin my career in this industry. When I was accepted to my second year placement at an independent film and television production company based in Toronto, I had a wide variety of responsibilities. These responsibilities continued after my placement had ended and they offered me a full-time job for the summer until I went back to school in September in order to finish my final year in the program. The company recognized that I had a great deal of knowledge from being in this program. Because of this, I was able to join them again for my final placement in third year where I focused more on story research and development alongside producers, working to find and refine new projects, bring them to broadcasters, and get them production ready. After I handed in my final placement hours in third year to my professors, I was happy to be offered a job again at the company. This program helped me to find a job that I love, and to begin my career in the industry as soon as I walked across the stage at graduation."  ...  "I continue to love what I do, and have already made many lasting connections to many different professionals in the industry in various countries around the world through the work that I get to do everyday. These connections will continue to help further my career, but I am happy that my very first connection was the Film and Television Production program.”

Sarah Michael Doucette, 2018

Production & Development Coordinator

White Pine Pictures

Loyalist Promos

Loyalist Promos

"I can not recommend this program enough"

"The TV program at Loyalist gave me some incredible experiences and learning opportunities - not just to become successful in the industry, but how to stand out and be a better person. I was also not limited in my knowledge - the hands on time with technology, learning pre and post-production, while discovering how to hone a story into something the world can care about was an extremely well rounded experience and incredible basis to start in the industry. Thanks to the schools invaluable partnership with local cable, I was able to gain a lot of experience that helped me understand live TV better. I was unsure of myself heading out into the world and my 3rd year internship, but quickly realized the skills and knowledge passed on by faculty made me able to ease into a large broadcast facility easily and work well with the teams there. On other productions I have been on, I was able to communicate efficiently and professionally with other industry leaders. I can not recommend this program enough to people and love sharing stories of my experiences I had in the FTVP program."

Simon Sheehan, 2018

TVA, Bell Media

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